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Mexico en la piel

19 Feb

“…[Puebla] is much more than a city to meet, it is, above all, a place to live and feel a way of life, the lifestyle of the citizen of Puebla, and become captivated by it.”
~ Puebla Capital the essential (tourist brochure)

It’s been a jam packed couple of days in Mexico so far. I arrived in Mexico City at 5:00am on Friday morning. After breezing past all those waiting for their luggage at the carousel (I am loving travelling only with one carry-on bag) I arrived at the bus station just in time to get the 6:15am bus to Puebla.

Puebla is two and a bit hours south of Mexico City and is where I lived for 6 months on a university exchange in 2005. After only 4 hours sleep I could barely keep my eyes open on the bus, but as soon as I started recognising streets I’d travelled on before my excitement overtook my tiredness.

I can’t describe how good it is to be back in Puebla after all this time. Last year the historic centre of town celebrated it’s 25th anniversary of receiving a World Heritage listing so there’s been lots of renovations done to what already was a stunningly beautiful city centre.

I spent a good two hours people watching in the Zocolo today. You can see Puebla’s famous Catedral peeking behind the trees in this photo:


When I lived here the Catedral (which took more than 300 years to build) wasn’t lit up at night like it is now. It’s just gorgeous:


And here’s one side of the restaurants, cafes and shops etc. that border the Zocolo:


But the best best part of being back isn’t seeing the familiar sights again, it’s seeing the familiar faces again. I’ve been having an absolute ball catching up with old friends. So far I’ve been to a birthday party, to a baby shower, to local markets, to a football game, to the movies, to breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and even to a press conference. It’s been awesome.

And the food! I’m loving the fact that I’ve been able to revisit some of my favourite dishes. I arrived with a list of things I wanted to eat again and I’ve been working through it dish by dish.

So far I’ve had tacos al pastor (my all-time favourite), quesadillas, mole poblano, churros, horchata, and nieve de maracuya con chile. Mmm mmmmm.

Probably not helping me maintain my weight loss, but I figure I’m only here for a week, so surely I can’t do too much damage in such a short space of time. *fingers crossed*

I have bought myself some fruit and vegetables to snack on or to eat for meals instead of eating out all the time. A lot of the dishes here are tortilla and meat-based so I thought supplementing some meals with veges would be a good idea.

Here’s some snaps of my first Mexican breakfast: quesadillas con carne enchilada and a dish (I can’t remember the name) with mole poblano–the traditional sauce from Puebla made with chocolate and lots of other spices. My plate looks a bit of a mess, but trust me, it’s delicious.