Dawn of the Diary

18 Oct

“Organise yourself for success, choose the perfect diary and make it your best year yet!”

~ http://www.kikki-k.com

When the zombie apocalypse comes, I’ll be one of the hardy few that will still know when their next hair appointment is. (Assuming my hairdresser doesn’t get zombified.)

While I do have a smartphone, laptop and all the other mod cons, I am a complete luddite when it comes to personal organisation. I love my hard copy diary.

I always like to purchase the coming year’s diary early and schedule a whole evening to sit down and set it up to my liking. I bought my 2013 diary this week (the small version of the kikki-k ‘cute diary’) and I cannot wait to get started.

There is something inherently satisfying about hand writing in important details, birthdays and upcoming events, and highlighting them the appropriate colours in preparation for a new year. This is even truer when you know the year ahead is going to be filled with awesome overseas adventures.

And yes, the highlighter colours are important. I’ve used the same colour-coding system since high school:

  • Yellow is for social events (dinners, parties, holidays etc.)
  • Green is for fitness/health (dragon boat training, gym sessions, swimming etc.)
  • Pink is for appointments or important reminders (physio, hair cuts, dentist etc.)
  • Orange is for work related-items (meetings, travel, pay day etc.)
  • Blue is for study (Spanish class, short courses, assignment due dates etc.)

And purple? Purple has no place in a highlighting regime. Out of all the colours it is the least translucent and the ink tends so soak through to the other side of the page. (Blue highlighters can be a bit iffy in this way too, but if you find the right brand they’ll still have that fluorescent ‘zing’ you’re looking for.)

I’m also a huge fan of ‘pencilling things in’. Literally.

It irritates me if I need to use whiteout or cross things out. I’ll only write something in pen if I know it’s a sure thing. My buddies know that once they’re scheduled in the diary in pen, they cancel at their own risk. Hell hath no fury like a diary fanatic scorned!

As soon as my flight to Honduras is booked, that will be my first entry for 2013. Written in pen and highlighted pink, of course. 😉

Zombies take note: if your apocalypse delays my flight you are in big trouble!


2 Responses to “Dawn of the Diary”

  1. Aic3la October 19, 2012 at 1:44 am #

    I’m glad i’m not the only one crazy about diaries!! I’m still searching for the perfect one to take with me and hope i don’t lose it like all the others…..

    • honduranhiatus October 19, 2012 at 8:09 am #

      A good diary is hard to find, but the hours spent searching will be forgotten once you find The One. 🙂 To be honest, my new one is probably a little too heavy for my travel next year but it was too darn cute not to buy.

      Sent from Samsung Mobile

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