A shot in the glass is better than one in the…

10 Oct

“Make an appointment with your doctor or travel clinic for a basic check-up at least six to eight weeks before you depart and find out if any vaccinations or additional health checks are required for your destination.”

~ http://www.smartraveller.gov.au

Being extra conscientious, instead of visiting the Travel Doctor six to eight weeks before I depart, I visited them 5 months in advance. Better early than late, right?

While the title of this post is slightly misleading, as there has fortunately been no need for ‘ass’ shots, it’s been a pretty comprehensive program.

Visit one, 12 September

  • yellow fever shot (ouch)
  • measles mumps rubella shot (ouch)
  • rabies shot #1 (ouch)

Visit two, 21 September

  • rabies shot #2 (ouch)

Visit three, 10 October

  • tetanus diphtheria pertussis shot (ouch)
  • typhoid shot (ouch)
  • rabies shot #3 (ouch)

The next step is to have a blood test in three weeks’ time to check that I have developed enough rabies antibodies. I’ve got lifetime cover against hepatitis A and hepatitis B from previous vaccinations so I don’t need to worry about those.

Once I find out where I’m living I’ll then look into anti-malarial options, if necessary. Luckily it looks like Honduras has the ‘good’ strain of malaria, not the ‘bad’ strain, so the risks of severe symptoms (or death!) are lower than in other areas of the world.

I cannot recommend the Travel Doctor more highly. I’ve visited them before all of my overseas trips and I’ve always found them to be knowledgeable, efficient and pleasant to deal with. And they always offer me a jellybean for being brave after giving me injections, even though I’m 30.   🙂

You can find your local Travel Doctor clinic here.

(No, I’m not a paid sponsor; I just think they’re great.)


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