Fun facts about Honduras

18 Sep

“Gracias a Dios que al fin salimos de esas honduras.”

~ Christopher Columbus

Here are some ‘fun facts’ about Honduras that I’ve found in my recent googlings:

  • Honduras has a population of roughly 8,250,000. Tegucigalpa is the capital city.
  • Around 59% of Hondurans live below the poverty line, and 36% in extreme poverty.
  • Honduran cuisine’s most notable feature is that is uses more coconut than any other Central American cuisine in both sweet and savoury dishes.
  • According to the United Nations, Honduras has the highest per capita homicide rate in the world, with 91.6 homicides for every 100,000 inhabitants. (By way of comparison the US rate is 4.2 per 100,000 and Australia’s rate is 1.0 per 100,000)
  • Honduras has coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.
  • In January 2012 the US Peace Corps pulled out all its volunteers from Honduras due to safety and security concerns.
  • The orchid is the national flora of Honduras, and the white-tailed deer is its national fauna.
  • Honduran roads are poorly lit and poorly marked. Major cities are connected by an inconsistently maintained system of paved roads.
  • ‘Honduras’ literally means ‘depths’ in Spanish. Columbus is traditionally quoted as having said “Gracias a Dios que al fin salimos de esas honduras” (Thank god we have finally come out of those depths) while sailing through storms along the Northern coast.

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